52 Homestead Projects for the Next Year.

So this is mostly for me. The ideas are more specific to what I want to accomplish this next year but most could fit any new homesteader. I was actually surprised at how easy it was to come up with 52 ideas.

As I complete each project I will (hopefully) link to a new post to go into more details.

1. Start our first beehive.

2. Make a chicken moat around the garden.

3. Grow a cut flower garden for weekly fresh bouquets.

4. Build an old window greenhouse.

5. Get ducks!

6. Build a water drainage trench around house.

7. Make a chicken dirt bath in an old tire.

8. Build a root cellar.

9. Start a composting pile. And learn how to do it right.

10. Have 3 sheep. And maybe some lambs next spring.

11. Learn to sheer a sheep.

12. Build 10 raised beds.

13. Try hand spinning.

14. Butcher a pig. That one is for Anthony.

15. Make our own sausage.

16. Cut down enough trees to have firewood all winter.

17. Grow a year round salad garden.

18. Start an apple orchard.

19. Raise a turkey for Thanksgiving.

20. Can 40 jars of tomato sauce.

21. Become self sufficient with our water usage.

22. Build a small pond.

23. Start our own Christmas tree “farm”. And learn to prune for prettier trees.

24. Let Jaxon raise rabbits.

25. Start sugar maples for our own syrup.

26. Learn to shoot our guns.

27. Grow elderberries to make syrup.

28. Harvest our own honey.

29. Grow, dry, crush our own spices.

30. Start a homesteading journal/record book.

31. Try to dehydrated fruit powders. And other things?

32. Make our own broths.

33. Research and build up an animal first aid kit.

34. Reduced the amount of chicken feed we buy by growing and making our own.

35. Save all the seeds we need for the next year.

36. Learn to weave.

37. Plant a burr oak and a black walnut.

38. Build a small animal shelter.

39. Set up an indoor seed starting light/shelf.

40. Plant a small lawn.

41. Build a duck area and house.

42. Learn felting.

43. Grow 100 pounds of potatoes.

44. Have a well stocked pantry for emergencies (or just a snow storm…)

45. Build a chicken “playground”

46. Buy high quality farm clothes (overalls, coat, muck boots).

47. Grow 50 strawberry plants.

48. Build our chickens nesting boxes and a little door to gather the eggs.

49. Get a cow. Or goats. Or both?

50. Increase our homesteading library by at least 10 books.

51. Find the perfect name for our property.

52. Blog about all of these goals!

So there it is! Now wish me luck!


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