Christmas advent!

I think most people are preparing for Christmas earlier this year and while it’s not unusual for me to start Christmas shopping in March, I still usually have last minute gifts. As each year goes by I feel like we figure out more and more what our family traditions are and it gets easier to prepare for the season.

I have always liked the idea of the different Christmas book each day leading up to Christmas. As we don’t currently have 25 Christmas books and I don’t intended to buy that many new ones right now I have modified the idea to fit with what we already have. I did buy a couple of new but used books from ThriftBooks, my favorite place to buy books, and because they are having a buy one kid’s books get one free (under $5)!

So this is just our list of books. There are a lot of good Christmas books out there and I hope to add a few more maybe next year.

This year we are doing ten books, five Christmas movies, and five Christmas records. For the last five days I plan on doing our favorite holiday baking recipes. Each day the kids will get to unwrap a book, chose a mystery recipe envelope or pick a record to listen to and on movie night unwrap a movie, to make it a surprise and less arguing over who gets to pick.

Like I said, these are the ones we already have. So while they are some of our favorites there are definitely other movies and records we would love to get someday! I have become a big fan of owning what you love and paying for less subscriptions like Netflix or Spotify. The less monthly bills we have the better and when I own a record it’ll always be there. Unless the kids keep touching them….

I encourage you to figure out what you already have and find ways to make it fun and work for your family! And maybe add a little something new slowly as you can.


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