Easter baskets : for baby and big kids!

Easter is just a couple weeks away! Gifts are definitely a love language of mine and while I try to be more minimalist I still love to do a little something each Easter. First, I do not buy cheap things that won’t last and second I like to find things they might need.

Here are my kid’s baskets and a few other ideas for both babies and older kids.

Remington’s Easter basket:

1. A book, “You Belong Here”

2. Bonnet

3. Sippy cup lid for mason jars, or a bottle top, also the jar cover.

4. Wooden animals.

5. Soft rattle, or this one.

6. Pacifier

7. Wooden toy, or this one.

Nellie’s Easter basket:

1. Nature journal. Adding a pack of colored pencils too.

2. Nail polish. Kid friendly!

3. Animal.

4. Swim suit. Also love this one.

5. Jelly shoes.

Jaxon’s Easter basket:

1. Night light.

2. Animal.

3. Nature journal.

4. Whale print.

5. Nature tee. Also this one.

Hello, I’m new here.

Meet Remington Locke Harvey!

Born March 6th at 2:31 am. He was our smallest baby at 6 lbs 4 oz and 18.5 inches long.

Born 3 weeks early, my water broke in the middle of the night, so our other two kids had to come to the hospital with us. Grandma was on her way but had a six hour drive and neither of my other two labors were that long. Because it was flu season and there have been a small measles outbreak in our area, they wouldn’t let the kids come into the delivery room. Anthony finally got them to let the kids come back (and so he could too) but they had to wear little face masks. It was cute but a kind of stressful start, thinking I’d have to do this all by myself. After a fairly short (but still not fun) labor (too short to get someone to give me an epidural like I wanted!) Remington was born while the kids watched videos on their kindles. And after only about 16 hours at the hospital we were on our way home! It was nice to get to “sleep” in our own bed. It has been almost four weeks now with our little guy and he loves to sleep, especially while being held, and gets very mad about being woken up, diaper changes, and baths. Basically he likes to be warm and cuddly.

We are all very much in love with our little Remington Locke.



We Are Still Here!

It has been SO long but we have a good reason!

Our little BOY should be joining us in about a month and though not really a part of our plan, we are so excited.

I guess he is very flexible because he likes to have a foot in front of his face. Also here is our family Christmas photo, the funny one, because it was really the best.

I’m guessing a lot of the next few posts will be about baby life. But I also have some school posts I want to share.


Kindergarten in Review

Language and math: We started the year with the Star Wars books. I wanted something fun and easy to start our first ever homeschooling year, especially because we hadn’t done much preschool work. We love Star Wars so we enjoyed these books but they really seamed more geared for supplemental summer work. After we finished the kindergarten books (we also did first grade for writing) we started Explode the Code and Mathematical Reasoning level B. We are about half way through each and I really love then both. I love how Explode the Code is very simple but a great mix between reading and spelling. The only negative thing is, sometime there are drawings of a man or women and are for people’s names (like Jan or Sam) and that sometimes confuses Jaxon. Mathematical Reasoning has been great at mixing up adding, subtracting, geometry, graphing, patters ect. but could could use more measuring, telling time, and 1’s, 10’s, 100’s places.

Reading: We started Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons (after working on letter names and sounds for a bit). I love this book but it quickly became obvious that it advanced to quickly for Jaxon. So we bought some Bob books and Primary Phonics books (both great) and just read and re-read the first few books for awhile. We are continuing to do reading lessons but just slower (1 or 2 a week) and then Bob books the other days.

Nature Connection. This is a great book and I’m sure we will use it many more years. It is divided by months and has activities, drawing, and even fiction book recommendations each month.
Tinkerlab. Jaxon really likes this book and has done many of the art projects. Most are fairly easy and use items I already have.
The Curious Kid’s Science Book. We didn’t use this book much. Many need special items that I would have to order and the few we have done didn’t really turn out…
Red-Yellow-Blue. We got this at our library, and had for almost six months. It is a basic art introduction that is divided by color. It focuses on the meanings of colors and how they have been used over time.

Activity books: Geography this year was the fifty states (mostly a coloring page for each state and a $1 book I got at Target, and forgot to add to my photos) plus the 50 States activity book. This follows the 50 States Book (which we started but I found to be not a great read aloud). But I really like this activity book and you wouldn’t need to also buy the 50 States book, it is just fun and easy activity pages. Jaxon liked the Sticker Fun History (found in the bargain section of Barnes & Noble) and it is a good basic introduction to Egyptians, Greeks, Vickings, ect. Jaxon, however, did not really like the Space book. I don’t really know why he didn’t like it but it wasn’t that educational either so I wouldn’t really recommend it.

So that’s a wrap for kindergarten! I’m already working on next year’s curriculum and am super excited (I will share those soon)!



Road Trip Ready

For us, summer means multiple road trips so I thought I’d share a few audiobooks we have loved and will keep your kids entertained while on those long summer road trips:

  1. The Mouse and the Motorcycle
  2. A Bear Called Paddington
  3. The 101 Dalmatians
  4. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  5. Doctor Dolittle
  6. The Swiss Family Robinson
  7. How to Train Your Dragon

Also I highly recommend the app Libby by Overdrive. This free app lets you borrow digital media from your local library. You have to have a library card and a way to play them (iPad, Kindle, ect). It is great for road trips because you download the book so you don’t need wifi to play them.



Summer bucket list

Summer break means summer bucket lists! Here is ours:

  1. Visit ALL the family.
  2. Swim lessons. We have an outdoor pool near us and there is just something special about learning to swim outside in the summer.
  3. Go berry picking, hopefully more then once, because we can’t get enough strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries!
  4. Have a water balloon fight. This is top on Jaxon’s list.
  5. Participate in the library summer reading program (and get a free book).
  6. Make homemade ice cream, and enjoy it in a cone!
  7. See a movie at a drive-in, or more likely, fall asleep at a drive-in movie.
  8. Build an epic sandcastle, because beach trips are a given.
  9. Visit a new park.
  10. Trip to the zoo.
  11. Family hike…or two…or more.
  12. Eat breakfast out, breakfast is our favorite meal.
  13. Make friendship bracelets and give to all our friends.
  14. Go to a baseball game.
  15. Have root beer floats. Our kids have never had root beer floats!
  16. Ride a Ferris wheel.
  17. Go disc golfing, with grandpa.
  18. Complete a bug unit for summer school
  19. Make a campfire and roast marshmallows and if we are feeling extra adventurous, cook our whole dinner over the open fire.
  20. Read a chapter book as a family.

We had a lot of fun making this list together in our family journal (more on our family journal someday because I LOVE it). I hope our list can inspire you to make your own!




Oh Canada

Abbotsford, BC


We stopped at two different used book stores/coffee shops on our drive, one even had a cat.

King of the Fox Club.

Lynn Canyon. A beautiful hike but way too over crowded. Would love to go back on a quiet weekday morning, not on Mother’s Day…

Oldhand Coffee, best coffee shop in Abbotsford.

Did the tourist trip to Stanley Park, as you can see, we weren’t too impressed (again, Mother’s Day is not the best for site seeing).

So here our my traveling to Canada tips: if traveling without one parent, have a letter from the parent who stayed home giving permission to travel.
Also skip Vancouver and visit a smaller town, like Abbotsford.

I like traveling with these two. They were beyond overtired by the time we got home but had so much fun.






Yoga Books for Kids

6 yoga books for all ages

Six of our favorite yoga books. The top left is the easiest, for toddler’s (and Nellie’s favorite) and the bottom right is more for middle school or high school. We are not yoga experts but these books have made it fun and easy, the perfect way to start our day.

  1. Sleepy Little Yoga: A Toddler’s Sleepy Book of Yoga
  2. Babar’s Yoga for Elephants
  3. Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story
  4. Good Morning Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Wake Up Story
  5. I Am Yoga
  6. Yoga For You

Do you do yoga with your kids? Any favorite books?



Money making ideas for the young entrepreneur

Why your kid needs to have a lemonade stand and four other money making ideas.

Lately Jaxon has been in to making money. My little entrepreneur. But all this money making has been a great opportunity to learn about money value (unschooling math), how hard work can get you what you want, responsibility, and so much more!

Here are five money making ideas to get your entrepreneur started:

1. Lemonade stand. Fairly basic and kind of common. My kids like to add mint leaves to their lemonade. Also this drink stand I found on clearance has been a great way for them not to overfill or spill cups of lemonade…as much. Here is a similar one.

2. Sell plants. Herb seeds and some recycled yogurt containers = an easy and useful product to sell. Also you can buy one strawberry plant or succulent, learn about propagation (earth science class!) and sell the new plants you grew!

3. Yard sale. This doubles as a good way to declutter! I try and mostly just give a bit of guidance when pricing items, like $20 is a bit much for a used toy, but then its fun to see them work out a price with their “customers”.

4. Service, like shoveling snow or raking leaves or weeding or picking up pine cones or….I think you get the idea.

5. Plant sit. Water a neighbor’s garden or house plants while they are on vacation. And I have the perfect book to inspire you: The Plant Sitter by Gene Zion. So this is a bit of a tease, because this book is no longer made. It’s in the $50 range on Amazon used books! But that also tells you how good it is! My parents still have this book (and aren’t aloud to sell it) and it was a favorite growing up. Gene Zion, the one who wrote Harry the Dirty Dog, is the author of this charming children’s story.