Kindergarten read alouds

Jaxon is in kindergarten this year and reading books aloud is our favorite part of the day.

These are our mouse books! Ok, Charlotte’s web has a rat in it but we are counting it.

Stuart Little, E. B. White

Very different from the movie, Stuart is more of a tiny man then a little boy, but a fun easy to understand story.

The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Beverly Cleary

Jaxon loved this book. It’s a fun mouse adventure and is about being responsible. We have listened to the audio books of the other two in this series (Runaway Ralph and Ralph S. Mouse) and also loved them both.

The Tale of Despereaux, Kate DiCamillo

A brave mouse who falls in love with a princess. Once again, better then the movie.

Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines, Margery Sharp

Miss Bianca is the mouse from the Rescuers and this is a charming well written story. I found this book in a Little Free Library and at the time didn’t know what it was, but I’m very glad I got it!

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

This is the book we are currently reading so to be honest I don’t know how it ends! But it’s a lovely story of a mother mouse try to take care of her family. With owls and crows and rats and a mean cat.

Charlotte’s Web, E. B. White

I’m sure the most well known. And now, thanks to this book, Jaxon has a “best friend” who is a spider named popcorn.

Did we miss any good mouse book?!?



Flower Press

Easter is tomorrow and this year I was careful about not getting carried away with adding cheap basket fillers of things we don’t really need or even want!

I think my favorite part is the flower press Anthony made for them. This project only took 20 minutes and just some scrap wood. And is perfect for spring!

You can use nicer wood, this wood is a bit splintery, but it’ll work!

We made two presses, one for each of the kids, so that’s why we have 8 bolts and wing nuts.

I need to add a couple of layers of cardboard but I just took out our recycling so I guess the kids might have to wait a couple of days to press everything they find.



On the hunt for land

Finding land is hard! Especially when you are looking for land that’s an 8 hour drive from where you currently live. And it’s hard to look when there is snow and you don’t have a truck. And 3 and 6-year-olds don’t quite get it. But we are learning a lot about what we like and what is most important to us.

These kids sure look at home out here.



The beach is always a good idea.

A much needed break to throw all the sticks and rocks into the ocean. Fly a kite.

Write our names in the sand. Visit a lighthouse. Spent a lot of time thinking about where we are headed and what we want our lives to look like in a year or five years. This is a season of a lot of changes and it was nice to just take a few moments to just be. And there is really nowhere more beautiful then the Oregon coast to getaway to.

Explore the world. Yes, please.